Acrylic and spray paint on canvas (2020)
Size – 36” x 48”


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Product Description

Artist Notes:
I feel like I’ve been creating this painting in my mind for the past four years. It’s absolutely born out of an ongoing frustration, and probably some anger too. Watching the decay of American democracy in the past four years has been devastating. The lies, the distortion, the delusion, the gaslighting of us all. It’s been a long and sad four years. It’s also been dangerous to the very institutions that many of us believe keep our democracies in tact.

While I am inherently a political person, I have made a conscious effort not to have my art become political. Not to say I haven’t in the past, or that I am not influenced by the social and political forces around me. It’s just not what I want my artistic process to become. But sometimes, when it’s so bad, you need to find a release. This was my mental escape, my small response, and perhaps in a way my humble plea to remind us all to chose facts over fear. To my friends and family in the USA: please vote for change this Fall.



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