Acrylic and spray paint on canvas (2020)

Size – 36” x 48”


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Product Description

Artist Notes:
This is one of the pieces created during the COVID-19 pandemic. I worked on this piece during the start of the summer in 2020, as our cities and countries were re-opening.
I took some inspiration from “Balance” (2020), and wanted to explore once again what it meant to play with white space and minimalism. The COVID-19 lockdowns, closures and layoffs have resulted in so much fear, uncertainty and change in all of us. I wanted to paint something during this time that was the opposite of the chaos we’ve all experienced. Perhaps this is a reflection that I was desperately just yearning for calm.
I decided to introduce spray paint into this piece based on all the “six feet apart” tape markings that are now commonplace in our every day lives. Stay safe, and smile.



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